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Darren and Tooting Community Kitchen found each other when he stumbled upon a leaflet on the notice board of the shelter he was living in. He'd recently been placed there after spending two months living on the streets in and around the area. At first, he'd use TCK as a place to get a hot meal and drink and somewhere to see a friendly face to support him on his road to recovery. As Darren progressed with his recovery programme, he soon realised that TCK had been the vital support he needed to keep him focused on recovery. This realisation has meant that Darren has become an imperative member of the volunteer team and one of our biggest ambassadors for or cause to support the community with kindness.

"Tooting Community Kitchen gives me the motivation to stay sober and I understand how it feels to be in a situation where you need help, so it's great to be able to help others"

DARREN July 2020


Tubsy was a full time carer for his elderly sick mother in Putney for many years but following her sad passing the council took away the right for him to live in the house. With no where to live, Tubsy had no choice but to sofa surf with friends but sadly this ended abruptly, and a life on the streets for him began. After 6 months on the streets, Tubsy was eventually given homeless accommodation in Tooting and this is where he first encountered Tooting Community Kitchen. TCK supported him with food and basic supplies while he got himself back on his feet and gave him the confidence to further secure more permanent accommodation. All of our volunteers love and appreciate his infectious smile .

“I’ve been blessed to have had the care and support from the team at TCK over the past 12 months. They have supported me both with both the love and care to get back me on my feet in this very challenging time. I owe them all a tremendous amount and I couldn’t have done this without them”

TABSY July 2020


Rakesh has been with Tooting Community Kitchen for over a year now. He came in to contact with TCK when his personal  circumstances changed and it meant he was struggling to make ends meet. TCK were happy to support Rakesh and shortly after supporting him through this difficult time, he wanted to show his appreciation by volunteering himself. He’s helped massively in the initial stages of the set up, transportation of food and handing it out to those in need. Rakesh never missed a Wednesday or Saturday on the stall and always comes with a smile.

"Volunteering is a way to keep myself occupied and to give back to the community who has helped me in these difficult times. TCK has helped me enormously and has introduced me to a lot of great people who have all supported me in getting myself back on my feet. Without the help, and generosity of TCK I'm sure my circumstances would be different"

RAKESHG July 2020
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